Monday, September 24, 2018

How to keep everyone off a network with no password...

   I'm thinking about changing my wireless network name to something awful or creepy (or both!!) so no one will really want to get on it or use it for fear of... whatever. I need something very offensive... something inappropriate.. I just don't want too many nearby students in my building to use my hub for downloading movies and porn when I need lots of speed. (and i HATE annoying wifi passwords)
So here goes with the most epic creepy (pedophile-frenzy-plus, of course) names I can think of right now... it might just work? (so far my router is only explicit about ass sex) ...gotta up my game!!
*wink, wink*


Any faves? I think I may have had a lil' too much fun with this.


Anonymous said...

could also call it "SafeSpace" "Sjw4thewin" or "Femminism". Everyone rational enough to break the password will stay far away.

JulieTiger said...

Hehe.. yeah, you've got a good point there!!
I've just gotta be sure, sure... :p

JulieTiger said...

Anonymous... the pt is, NO password.. I don't like hiding shit.. privacy is a disgusting habit.. my ethics scream, "transparency!!" Seattle laps in their savior rightousness.. this would deter moochers like a pizzeria deters me.. nevvaa!