Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My first post, much needed! <3

So, here I go, this is my first actual blog outside some random profiling site. Here it stays. Ill try to be good and update fairly regularly :) Whatever the hell that means... hehe. But seriously, I need a good reason to keep myself online a few times a week, and heck...its a learning process right? Its 2:02 in the morning and I work at 8am, so I should probably make this a short one. I wanted to comment so badly this week about my recently re-captured appreciation for kinky. I had the pleasure of having some wonderful naughty times when my friend Jen (an appreciated pain-slut) came here to visit a week and a half ago, and then, just last weekend I attended NorWescon....a local science fiction convention with an abundance of kink as well. Mmm :) Im hoping to have a few more fun experiences now that Im also venturing out and attending local tickle-phile gatherings. Our little munch group meets monthly and the sole couple that shows up really wants to play. Also, after attending a BDSM panel at NorWes I got a card from the woman that runs a Seattle womens BDSM discussion group once a month....Im thinking this could be a fun time :) I just need to get over my shyness enough to attend, or find a willing female to come with me. Anywho, off for now :) Sleepyland awaits. I go to rest pleased after trying a new stout on tap at the "Rock Bottom" and watching the broadway show "Cabaret" tonight with some old high school chums! Im blessed to have such awesome nerdy, faggy, fruity, and kinky friends. <3 XoXo

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