Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fat is benign, fat stigma isn't.

So.... fat stigma is so much a thing.

People don't die from fatness, they die from systems failure... be it respiratory, circulatory, neurological, etc.
Fat doesn't kill you. Fat has never killed anyone.
We would die without fat, as our brains are almost entirely made of the stuff.
Fat is vital for survival, and it doesn't CAUSE death.
Something like a heart attack (aka circulatory failure) can kill people, and it happens to BOTH fat people AND skinny people.
Being fat, or medically "obese," statistically speaking, gives you a slightly higher life expectancy ON AVERAGE than someone of "normal" BMI.... because satistics; they don't make shit up.

Feminist Porn!! :)

Women deserve to express, love, and enjoy our sexuality just as much as anyone else does, and WOMEN can direct and produce amazing pornography and make a wonderfully empowering living doing what we love... EMPOWERING FEMALE PLEASURE!!
Please don't stigmatize sex... it only limits the idea of a natural healthy female sexuality, identity, and empowerment. This is ours to cherish, ladies. Pleasure and female empowerment is SEXY!
It's unethical and inhuman to stigmatize sex workers who work hard, love, and take pride in what they do. It belittles women to not respect their professional endeavors and their choice in how to best provide for their own lives, their families, and their kids on their own terms.

Please check out these amazing women-run companies and feminist directors that help reclaim our healthy, fun, safe, smart and sexy FEMALE SEXUALITY!
Own it! <3

There are so many more, but these are some of the best!!!
And, if you'd like to read a bit more about the growing feminist movement in porn, I'd suggest these three pages... some great concepts here about reclaiming healthy female pleasure as OUR OWN. ->

and --->

and --->


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fat Stigma

No matter the size, fat or plus size models don't automatically equal sick or unhealthy anymore than stick thin models equal anorexia... we're all different sizes... all sizes of people have disease.
To specifically stigmatize and say fat individuals negatively influence us or specifically corrolate to disease is also a privileged view because much of the rise of "obesity" in the first world is linked to poverty, systemic racism, and the growing number of food deserts in urban areas.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Not all are as they appear... a double-standard in disability.

I was replying to a post a friend made today on Facebook about how someone had asked her how "such a lovely healthy young woman such as herself needs a cane?" .... and how she had kinda chosen to ignore the comment instead of letting it ruin her day.
I just wanted to point out to others that I suspect many, many more people than we realize out there are developmentally disabled, or mentally ill in some way and just don't understand or can't comprehend generally "normal" or socially accepted talking or social skills... these folks often seem mean, rude, or negative, but really, they are just trying their best to communicate... very much as a child does. If you're having a hard time picturing what I'm talking about think back to those folks talking to themselves on the street corner or begging for money... homeless individuals are more likely than not to suffer from some kind of metal illness or developmental issue.
In my past line of work alongside these folks, I know that many lower-functioning individuals look and dress and act like functioning and fully self-aware adults, but often have the mentality of young children... so when someone says something like that to me (something I'd register as otherwise rude or hurtful coming from an intelligent adult) I generally assume this person is younger inside and I look at them and treat them as such.. not out of any disrespect, but to meet them halfway. A teaching moment is often appreciated by these folks.
If a younger kid says this to us our reaction is often very different than when an adult does the same, but really, I find many adults with childlike minds that successfully live and pass as "regular" adults too. It's a very invisible situation and their disabilities are often as invisible as our disabilities, the difference being; these folks often can't express their delay/illness the same as we can precisely  because they are intellectual, and so instead pass as rude or insensitive to us.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chemicals!?! Safety is relative!!

There are many "all-natural" things you can drink safely without general harm but that you certainly would NOT want to... testicle milkshakes, vinegar, diarrhea, salt water, puss, epicac, etc... these things might all make you violently sick, but generally they're not at all deadly.. just really, REALLY gross. Ick.
Modern glyphosate mixtures in stores have embedded emetic agents and strong odors added to them to make them smell very unpleasant, but generally this stuff is very safe.
Caffeine is 25 times as toxic as glyphosate per liquid unit, and vinegar is 10 times as toxic; vinegar is also much more carcinogenic to humans than glyphosate.
This is fact. This has nothing to do with lies or opinions... this is simply truth; ask any chemist. Monsanto picked glyphosate specifically because it's so low-risk to humans.
If you'd like to see the breakdown of a great lil' scientific comparison of glyphosate vs vinegar, please read this fun and simple at-home project ----->
Vinegar vs Glyphosate
And remember... this is all general mainstream information available in libraries, online, in books, etc.. a basic understanding of general chemical composition (which most lack) certainly helps, but anyone with an internet connection can read toxicity reports on this stuff ;) Cheers!!