Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun times... noodle salad.

(it's a quote from Jack Nicholson in one of my favorite movies "As Good as It Gets")


Oh gosh, what a great weekend Ive had so far! I was invited out to the Mercury, (our local gothy hangout) by the couple Ive been seeing lately. We went later on in the evening and had fun with drinks and dancing, and I FINALLY, FINALLY got a membership there! Ive been guested in multiple times and never actually joined until now, so yay!

Anyhow, the real news comes from this couple. *smiles* I am really happy that she decided to invite me to come with them both to a reading on open/poly relationships.. she had mentioned it a few weeks back, and I was really happy that she wanted me to come along with them for this specifically! :) Its awesome having this shit TALKED about... out in the open.. especially in a public place.. with people that feel the same way I do. Even though we (meaning them and I) don't really have any official "status" per-say.. I'd definitely say we fit the criteria of an open relationship, so its nice being able to attend together :)

We had fun... after the club we all went back to their place and played together. I LOVE seeing them together so much... it sets such an erotic tone.. being there experiencing it all with them both .. so yummy... and honestly, they are both so fucking attractive I always feel like the luckiest girl when they invite me to play. <3

I got to sleep in bed with her again and we had this great girlie talk together. We chatted about all sorts of things for about an hour before we fell asleep. I feel like we connected well last night.. and I felt a little less intimidated than I usually do around her, which was good. Few! I was a super happy chick getting to have that girl time and giggles... honestly.. nothing beats girl cuddles... soft, smooth, warm and curvy... love it.

The next morning we went out to lunch at a bar downtown and then went to this great reading from Tristan Taormino (from her book "Opening Up.. a guide to creating and sustaining open relationships". Mmm.. I love that breath of fresh air sometimes! ...and... aww, poly folk. <3 There was this really nice warm nerdy intellectual and accepting feel in the room I haven't really felt since last March at Norwescon. Good stuff.

So yes! A very good weekend so far! I'm so so happy things have been better between the three of us lately, and also that she mentioned wanting to go on a date sometime soon.. with just the two of us girls :) yay!
I'm a happy Julie.

So gosh... something else to report on... I am still working nights! Ick. Its not an absolutely horrific schedule I guess, but dulling. On the plus side, I am also now officially working Monday-Friday! Wee. Its he first time since I started working with this company in 03' that they finally offered me this shift.. (believe me, you aren't always so lucky in health-care) .. so that will be a plus.

Also, Ive mentioned it to a few... I am planning to go over to Spokane for a few days for X-Mas. I still need to confirm how and when (I'm assuming I'll take a bus over like years past) .. but I would definitely like to see some old chums for the holidays. :)

Only other thing to report on is the dental news... lol. Yeah, I was bad and neglected going to the Dentist since moving over here to Seattle.. so need a little work done. Finally settled on a cuddly warm woman-only practice on Broadway. So yeah.. Tuesday morning will be the start of a nearly 700 dollar (after insurance mind you) fixer-upper session on the ol' mouth. *sigh* .. better late then never!

Let the holidays, and accompanying overtime begin! (you'd better believe I'm planning to hit a few places on black friday!) <3


Sunday, November 9, 2008

holy jesus I'm spontaneous

So, I just decided to bake an apple pie from scratch at 3am this morning. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! It is pretty tasty too.. Nummers. Yay internet recipes!

This is a preemptive step in trying to cook food more often.. so friends have a gosh darn reason to want to come over more.. aside having sex with my cooter. :D


Saturday, November 8, 2008

An update on my October and NYC trip!

So, okay... yeah. Its been a fucking long time again. Oh well. Lots has happened, and I want to tell you all everything! :)
To start, I feel like I'm on much better terms with the only 2 women I really know here in Seattle. Ive blogged here in the past about one such gal and guy that basically included a LOT of drama and confusion. We've started talking a little more now. She joined one of the kink sites I'm on, and behold.. we started getting to know each other a little bit better there! :) Yay! I like me some kinky girl. Shes honestly so awesome and super smart and sexy and yeah.. a pain slut. I got a chance to spank her some a few weeks ago after getting back from my NYC trip. Mmm. I liked pulling her hair while fingering her little cunt. We had a very long awaited threesome together with her ex. *blissful sigh* .. I honestly just can't explain to you the amazing calm I get after being with a couple I like. I feel so complete afterward... its an amazing feeling. We all snuggled in bed afterward, and I got to nuzzle soft sweet girl neck all morning. Fucking glorious. They had me in the middle.. I was soo spoiled :p Anyways.. awesome... that shit will cheer me up for about a month!
As far as the other chicka.. well, she was the first I met when I moved over here.. and probably more kinky than I... unfortunately shes not into the girls a huge amount.. other than occasionally topping them.. (she had played with Jen when she first came over to visit) anywho, initially it was more of me and them having a good time out together and her seeing others while letting me play with the hubby. That had ceased a while back and recently started again :) They are both Mercury club goers as well.. so I can't be more happy about that! (more people to dance with and get drunk with! ..its good foreplay) .. but yeah.. we are talking more now than we were and I'm again very happy :) I was kinda lost there for a while... it seemed I was kinda breaking up/causing trouble for couples left and right for a time... and, well.. I was starting to think maybe it was hopeless to try and do this whole poly/open bit.. but thank goodness its coming back together. I like everyone getting along! WEE!:D

Anywho, enough sappy shit. I also met a very nice gentleman on Gothic Personals recently who has been escorting me around to some very nice restaurants and clubs. I like that he is such a gentleman... and into wine...very smart too.. we danced together on the street after breakfast one day.. hes adorable :)
The one other fellow I met up with recently is a complete pervert.. lol.. and if he reads this blog... well, he will agree with me.. because he is.. a very cute and pervy fellow.. Ive been talking to him on yahoo since I lived in Spokane!! He just moved here so we finally met up. (hes into special education so he struck a good cord with me on first date.. still too new to say much) ;)

Onto other nifty things! I was in NYC for 7 days! WOO! I had a blast :) Got to meet Aarons possibly new roommate in the future Rebecca, and Seths new sexy as hell boy toy Matt. We did all sorts together... went to the Museum of Modern Art and saw awesome famousness, The NYC main Library branch, The American Museum of Natural History.. was HUGE, The NY Institute of Fashion and Technology and their "Gothic fashion" exhibit was fun, St Marks Place for alternative thrifting, times square for "Religulous," lots of fun boating in central park, lots of new yummy eats all over town including delish indian food for my birthday, Blood Manor (rated one of the best haunted houses in the US..was awesome!), the Staten Island ferry, and a few good drunk trips to the bar!! The boys were sober this time through though, so they were well behaved ;) I have a complete set of photos in an album on my myspace page.. so go look! ( We had fun!

Hmmm.. as for other things... unfortunately I am home sick right now with a cold. Its giving me plenty of time to catch up on online nerdery. Ive been chatting a bunch with Jen lately.. shes having the ride of her life right now with her top. They just sound so amazing together. Wow shes a lucky girl.. I am sooo Jealous :) You can find a linkie to her blog somewhere on my page I tink. Shes a Spanko! Love you sexy pants! <3 :D

I went out with the said couple on Halloween night too.. lots of drinking and naked lady watching ensued. We went to see a Seattle based circus group that does all sorts of crazy scantly-clad fire breathing, burlesque, and tricks with swords.. twas a good time. :) We were all dressed very cute!

Hmm... anything else to report... oh! The sweetheart of a tickler dude I met from the TMF for tickles once wants to totally do it again!! Only I think maybe this time we will try at my place b/c I have the handy restraints on the bed ;) ... lol.. instead of using his rock climbing gear like last time.. god was he a good cuddler!! I'm looking forward to seeing him again. Being held tight in someones arms while falling asleep is 2nd to none. Plus, he offered to cook me soup. Who fucking does that? SWEET! <3

Love you all :) <3