Saturday, September 20, 2008


Chris took this picture for me at Kelsey Creek Park :)

So.. in newer news! Oh my. I can only hope this will last! I found a male species that actually really, really likes cuddling! You heard it right. Turns out to be one of my tickling contacts I had met about a year ago from our munches. He had found a girlfriend shortly after we had gone on a few casual dates back at that time, so I had obviously lost hope when he stopped attending meetings with us downtown. Well, it turned out working quite well actually, because his girlfriend apparently broke up with him recently.. and he saw one of my many pathetic status messages on yahoo last night asking for a date. We went to a midnight showing of "Return to Oz" and then got some late night grub at the new diner that replaced beloved Ol' Minnies. (where the fuck else could you get a half pound of clams at 3am for a mere 8 dollars?) I was sad to see this place go. But anyways! Lordy, this guy was into snuggles. We both tickled each other and did a lot of soft touching and then he just squeezed me. Kept holding tighter... we fell asleep that way about 4am in the morning until 2pm the next day in our underclothes. It was absolutely superb. Sensuality does exist among men! <3 Mmm.

In other news I am indeed going to the Folsom street Fair next weekend for kink and other random goodness down in sexy San Fran. I will get to see my "roleplay" incest daddy Lokesh, and Mike and fat lil' Bucky too! I <3 San Francisco

Monday, September 1, 2008

Green thumbs and green tits! (sorta)

Okay, I am back with some pictures! This is the latest from my kitchen. My Aerogarden is now yielding what you see in the picture about every 1-2 weeks! Yum! (This is giving me a great excuse to cook again, thank-goodness) Now, all I have to do is clean my god damn apartment more so I can have people over for dinner! Today I snapped a photo of my massive amounts of sweet basil I harvested, a huge hunk-o-chives, a small batch of thai basil, some tyme, and a decent little de-lish pile of mint.. all organic! yay! ...Hmm... Larb Gai anyone? <3

In other news... hmm.... random free shit along the side of the road is awesome. Alongside that.. random free shit with elaborate descriptions are even better. We found this specimen directly across the street from our beloved neighborhood Value Village.... which happens to be having a 50% off day today that I am about to scramble to after I finish yapping here. Bless ye local thrift stores!

...and lastly... but certainly not leasty... well, there's just no good way to put this lightly. Seth, Aaron and I did a sploshing scene. Yes, sploshing.. as in dirty and disgusting and awesome. I will put a few pictures here on the blog, but the rest are going to reside on my XTube account (for those of you interested in peeking at that and other random naked Julie smut.. just type in "JulieTiger" under the photo groups on XTube) ... because well, I'm a slut like that. Thank you to my loving awesome bois!! We shall make this the coolest calendar ever! XoXo <3 Enjoy!!

Oh yes!! ... put... it... in.... there..... :p *Ppttthhhhhh!!*