Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cuddle Whore <3

Summer... its definitely feeling here-ish! I was at the special Olympics again with my guys today in 90 degree weather! I must say they rock. I would have been so done with that 200M run at 10am. Fuck direct sunlight. I was not built for heat!! I love the accompanying nights on warmer days. It doesn't leave marks nearly as much. Its 2am here and still an astonishing 68 degrees out. Lovely. I think summer is a little like a BDSM need to plan out in advance if you want marks and/or reddening to occur.. take proper precautions, and after the fact nurse yourself back from the potential pain inflicted. :) Eh, my little ghetto car has AC and my awesome brick building Apt stays a glorious 63-68 degrees in pretty much any weather. I'll survive. In other news... along with a relaxing summer feel comes more kinky feelings. I want to rape-play more than ever! Dark warm parks at night... a partner into rape-play.. I guess I'll update on this later ;) A little update in the lovins dept... I am still trying out the dating bit. I'm still working out the kinks :) (ahem, literally!) ..but seriously... I'm finding out that "dating" someone can really occupy some time and energy. I'm not sure if its mentally trying or what, but basically I've stopped doing a lot of my otherwise regular routines since taking up this new-found opportunity. My gym routine is foundering, my apt is looking a little more "hurricane Katrina-ish" than ever, and my tickle munch thingie has totally been put on hold! Yikers.... yeah, multitasking was never quite my forte'. I will try my best to re-establish some form of order now that things are seeming a little more stable I guess :) This is all kinda new to me... also, I think It will be good to have a stable person to cuddle with. Not that I don't adore occasional cuddles from my friends ...but god, I guess its just not happening enough ...I'm always ending up craving more!! I'm a true cuddle whore. I crave those long warm sensual cuddles where you don't feel rushed or under time restraint... the only worry in your mind is weather your elbow is going to fall asleep anytime in the next 20 mins or so. Aww, yes. *glows* I guess the one other thing I wanted to note in this blog is that I'm sorry to anyone I haven't kept in the best contact with in the last few months. I love you all and don't mean to seem such a hermit sometimes. I guess the fact I've become custom to doing so much overtime at work makes things a little harder yet, but yeah... You all know how horrible I am at calling... please try not to hold it against me :) hehe... (this goes esp. for my buddies on bondage and myspace! I love you all to death and hope you know I appreciate you) XoXo to you all, and enjoy the warm! <3

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I had albino poo today. I'm not sure if I should feel concerned or sacred.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My insane last month on earth...

So, have you ever had one of those long insane months go by that seemed like a whole calendar year? Where you meet amazing people and experience more than you've ventured to do in practically the last year or so emotionally? God, where have I fucking been. So it went down like this... couple messages girl on, girl messages back, we invite each other on myspace, girl talks briefly with them here, a chance encounter occurs at the local asian marketplace, girl bumps into boy of couple and they discuss talking further than they had casually online, girl meets couple at goth bar, girl makes an ass out of herself initially asking couple if they are kinky/and or into the idea of threesomes, couple raises an eyebrow, couple invites her out again ..this time a little more intimately, soon girl gets the vibe this couple is out to find a 3rd, girl flirts like shes never flirted before, couple responds to this and takes her in ...caressing her and letting her touch the soft pink haired vixen boobies and the oober goth boy balls, one thing leads to another and we all find ourselves panting and/or petting after most every date, couple gives girl flowers, girl thinks to herself, "holy shit this is actually happening," couple cuddles with girl, they all have a romantic sunset watching on the beach together, girl feels all is right with the world, a few days later boy of couple shows up at girls window, he's frantic about his pink vixen wanting to break things off somehow, girl is very confused, boy of couple has confessed his love for them both already, girl is suddenly pulled back into reality, boy of couple mentions the idea of continuing the other 2 legs of the triad together, girl feels awkward, girl agrees to try this 2-some thing while taking things very slowly, boy and girl continue frequent cuddlings and naughtiness inside sheets, boy and girl exchange the "L" word amongst passionate embraces, fuck...its only been a month.... Girl never saw this coming.
So is life I guess? I had never planned to do anything like this initially... yes, the poly bit is definitely my ideal, but wow....this was sudden. God, they were cute as shit. Honestly.. like the fucking cutest little kink couple into bondage and rape-play I can imagine encountering ever. I have to admit they had me totally fixated. She is witty as shit, into fetish photography, VERY familiar with kink, flirty. He is a total gentleman, into holding womans heads into the pillow during sex, nerdy, and very into the idea of sharing us both. Grrness. Eh, I guess fairy tales are just fairly tales sometimes. I guess shes moving out now. She said I had nothing to do with it all, but GOD how I'm defiantly feeling the opposite. I guess I didn't totally lose out however. This boy and I have basically agree to try dating just us. This would be Julies first "dating" in quite some time. I have no idea what I'm doing :) I guess for now it just feels right. He tells me he loves me, holds me closer than I think anyone ever has before, and calls/text me constantly. I told him I loved him also. It felt good to say. I guess my heads still spinning some after this all. I'm such a fucking cautious person usually... Ive forever been a relationship-ophobe ....avoiding serious dates and "together" people like the plague. Most of my kinky connections are very casual and low key for that reason. I guess its easier just not trying for the most part. Plus, hell... all the truly "poly" folk I know have little kiddies living with them, right? Yeah ...reality. *Sigh* Well, anyways :) God.. I feel special. I still feel like I'm walking on eggshells w/ him and her however. Things are just too shaky still to try to get too cozy just yet, but I do think I like this guy. Hell, he tells me he cares...that he wants a good friend and lover...that its much more than the naughty bits.. how can a Julie resist? I haven't felt this giddy since Spokane. I only hope that his vixen wants to stay close by. That he means what he says!?! :) Hes spent the last 2 nights here with me at my apartment ...we lust together and then we wake up all pretzeled together when the sun rises. Could this be part of something really awesome? I have my heart in this one. <3 *smiles*