Monday, December 29, 2008

A Holiday in Pictures...

Twas the night before Christmas, and Julie did bus... waaay the fuck to Spokane, in weather unjust.

Before leaving sweet Seattle, Julie did see.. a tickler, her sweethearts, and dirty presents for the tree.

Soon came the snowfall, to trap her crap car in... but all for the best, t'was spent warm in bed.. in sin. :D

Once in Spokane she shopped, ate lots, and visited her folks.
She drank good beer with Chinese, and found high school chums with smoke!

In the end she arrived home tired, eager for her sleepy...
who the fuck would've known, Xmas can be done so god-damned cheaply!

<3 <3 <3

Love you all!!! <3

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun times... noodle salad.

(it's a quote from Jack Nicholson in one of my favorite movies "As Good as It Gets")


Oh gosh, what a great weekend Ive had so far! I was invited out to the Mercury, (our local gothy hangout) by the couple Ive been seeing lately. We went later on in the evening and had fun with drinks and dancing, and I FINALLY, FINALLY got a membership there! Ive been guested in multiple times and never actually joined until now, so yay!

Anyhow, the real news comes from this couple. *smiles* I am really happy that she decided to invite me to come with them both to a reading on open/poly relationships.. she had mentioned it a few weeks back, and I was really happy that she wanted me to come along with them for this specifically! :) Its awesome having this shit TALKED about... out in the open.. especially in a public place.. with people that feel the same way I do. Even though we (meaning them and I) don't really have any official "status" per-say.. I'd definitely say we fit the criteria of an open relationship, so its nice being able to attend together :)

We had fun... after the club we all went back to their place and played together. I LOVE seeing them together so much... it sets such an erotic tone.. being there experiencing it all with them both .. so yummy... and honestly, they are both so fucking attractive I always feel like the luckiest girl when they invite me to play. <3

I got to sleep in bed with her again and we had this great girlie talk together. We chatted about all sorts of things for about an hour before we fell asleep. I feel like we connected well last night.. and I felt a little less intimidated than I usually do around her, which was good. Few! I was a super happy chick getting to have that girl time and giggles... honestly.. nothing beats girl cuddles... soft, smooth, warm and curvy... love it.

The next morning we went out to lunch at a bar downtown and then went to this great reading from Tristan Taormino (from her book "Opening Up.. a guide to creating and sustaining open relationships". Mmm.. I love that breath of fresh air sometimes! ...and... aww, poly folk. <3 There was this really nice warm nerdy intellectual and accepting feel in the room I haven't really felt since last March at Norwescon. Good stuff.

So yes! A very good weekend so far! I'm so so happy things have been better between the three of us lately, and also that she mentioned wanting to go on a date sometime soon.. with just the two of us girls :) yay!
I'm a happy Julie.

So gosh... something else to report on... I am still working nights! Ick. Its not an absolutely horrific schedule I guess, but dulling. On the plus side, I am also now officially working Monday-Friday! Wee. Its he first time since I started working with this company in 03' that they finally offered me this shift.. (believe me, you aren't always so lucky in health-care) .. so that will be a plus.

Also, Ive mentioned it to a few... I am planning to go over to Spokane for a few days for X-Mas. I still need to confirm how and when (I'm assuming I'll take a bus over like years past) .. but I would definitely like to see some old chums for the holidays. :)

Only other thing to report on is the dental news... lol. Yeah, I was bad and neglected going to the Dentist since moving over here to Seattle.. so need a little work done. Finally settled on a cuddly warm woman-only practice on Broadway. So yeah.. Tuesday morning will be the start of a nearly 700 dollar (after insurance mind you) fixer-upper session on the ol' mouth. *sigh* .. better late then never!

Let the holidays, and accompanying overtime begin! (you'd better believe I'm planning to hit a few places on black friday!) <3


Sunday, November 9, 2008

holy jesus I'm spontaneous

So, I just decided to bake an apple pie from scratch at 3am this morning. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! It is pretty tasty too.. Nummers. Yay internet recipes!

This is a preemptive step in trying to cook food more often.. so friends have a gosh darn reason to want to come over more.. aside having sex with my cooter. :D


Saturday, November 8, 2008

An update on my October and NYC trip!

So, okay... yeah. Its been a fucking long time again. Oh well. Lots has happened, and I want to tell you all everything! :)
To start, I feel like I'm on much better terms with the only 2 women I really know here in Seattle. Ive blogged here in the past about one such gal and guy that basically included a LOT of drama and confusion. We've started talking a little more now. She joined one of the kink sites I'm on, and behold.. we started getting to know each other a little bit better there! :) Yay! I like me some kinky girl. Shes honestly so awesome and super smart and sexy and yeah.. a pain slut. I got a chance to spank her some a few weeks ago after getting back from my NYC trip. Mmm. I liked pulling her hair while fingering her little cunt. We had a very long awaited threesome together with her ex. *blissful sigh* .. I honestly just can't explain to you the amazing calm I get after being with a couple I like. I feel so complete afterward... its an amazing feeling. We all snuggled in bed afterward, and I got to nuzzle soft sweet girl neck all morning. Fucking glorious. They had me in the middle.. I was soo spoiled :p Anyways.. awesome... that shit will cheer me up for about a month!
As far as the other chicka.. well, she was the first I met when I moved over here.. and probably more kinky than I... unfortunately shes not into the girls a huge amount.. other than occasionally topping them.. (she had played with Jen when she first came over to visit) anywho, initially it was more of me and them having a good time out together and her seeing others while letting me play with the hubby. That had ceased a while back and recently started again :) They are both Mercury club goers as well.. so I can't be more happy about that! (more people to dance with and get drunk with! ..its good foreplay) .. but yeah.. we are talking more now than we were and I'm again very happy :) I was kinda lost there for a while... it seemed I was kinda breaking up/causing trouble for couples left and right for a time... and, well.. I was starting to think maybe it was hopeless to try and do this whole poly/open bit.. but thank goodness its coming back together. I like everyone getting along! WEE!:D

Anywho, enough sappy shit. I also met a very nice gentleman on Gothic Personals recently who has been escorting me around to some very nice restaurants and clubs. I like that he is such a gentleman... and into wine...very smart too.. we danced together on the street after breakfast one day.. hes adorable :)
The one other fellow I met up with recently is a complete pervert.. lol.. and if he reads this blog... well, he will agree with me.. because he is.. a very cute and pervy fellow.. Ive been talking to him on yahoo since I lived in Spokane!! He just moved here so we finally met up. (hes into special education so he struck a good cord with me on first date.. still too new to say much) ;)

Onto other nifty things! I was in NYC for 7 days! WOO! I had a blast :) Got to meet Aarons possibly new roommate in the future Rebecca, and Seths new sexy as hell boy toy Matt. We did all sorts together... went to the Museum of Modern Art and saw awesome famousness, The NYC main Library branch, The American Museum of Natural History.. was HUGE, The NY Institute of Fashion and Technology and their "Gothic fashion" exhibit was fun, St Marks Place for alternative thrifting, times square for "Religulous," lots of fun boating in central park, lots of new yummy eats all over town including delish indian food for my birthday, Blood Manor (rated one of the best haunted houses in the US..was awesome!), the Staten Island ferry, and a few good drunk trips to the bar!! The boys were sober this time through though, so they were well behaved ;) I have a complete set of photos in an album on my myspace page.. so go look! ( We had fun!

Hmmm.. as for other things... unfortunately I am home sick right now with a cold. Its giving me plenty of time to catch up on online nerdery. Ive been chatting a bunch with Jen lately.. shes having the ride of her life right now with her top. They just sound so amazing together. Wow shes a lucky girl.. I am sooo Jealous :) You can find a linkie to her blog somewhere on my page I tink. Shes a Spanko! Love you sexy pants! <3 :D

I went out with the said couple on Halloween night too.. lots of drinking and naked lady watching ensued. We went to see a Seattle based circus group that does all sorts of crazy scantly-clad fire breathing, burlesque, and tricks with swords.. twas a good time. :) We were all dressed very cute!

Hmm... anything else to report... oh! The sweetheart of a tickler dude I met from the TMF for tickles once wants to totally do it again!! Only I think maybe this time we will try at my place b/c I have the handy restraints on the bed ;) ... lol.. instead of using his rock climbing gear like last time.. god was he a good cuddler!! I'm looking forward to seeing him again. Being held tight in someones arms while falling asleep is 2nd to none. Plus, he offered to cook me soup. Who fucking does that? SWEET! <3

Love you all :) <3


Saturday, September 20, 2008


Chris took this picture for me at Kelsey Creek Park :)

So.. in newer news! Oh my. I can only hope this will last! I found a male species that actually really, really likes cuddling! You heard it right. Turns out to be one of my tickling contacts I had met about a year ago from our munches. He had found a girlfriend shortly after we had gone on a few casual dates back at that time, so I had obviously lost hope when he stopped attending meetings with us downtown. Well, it turned out working quite well actually, because his girlfriend apparently broke up with him recently.. and he saw one of my many pathetic status messages on yahoo last night asking for a date. We went to a midnight showing of "Return to Oz" and then got some late night grub at the new diner that replaced beloved Ol' Minnies. (where the fuck else could you get a half pound of clams at 3am for a mere 8 dollars?) I was sad to see this place go. But anyways! Lordy, this guy was into snuggles. We both tickled each other and did a lot of soft touching and then he just squeezed me. Kept holding tighter... we fell asleep that way about 4am in the morning until 2pm the next day in our underclothes. It was absolutely superb. Sensuality does exist among men! <3 Mmm.

In other news I am indeed going to the Folsom street Fair next weekend for kink and other random goodness down in sexy San Fran. I will get to see my "roleplay" incest daddy Lokesh, and Mike and fat lil' Bucky too! I <3 San Francisco

Monday, September 1, 2008

Green thumbs and green tits! (sorta)

Okay, I am back with some pictures! This is the latest from my kitchen. My Aerogarden is now yielding what you see in the picture about every 1-2 weeks! Yum! (This is giving me a great excuse to cook again, thank-goodness) Now, all I have to do is clean my god damn apartment more so I can have people over for dinner! Today I snapped a photo of my massive amounts of sweet basil I harvested, a huge hunk-o-chives, a small batch of thai basil, some tyme, and a decent little de-lish pile of mint.. all organic! yay! ...Hmm... Larb Gai anyone? <3

In other news... hmm.... random free shit along the side of the road is awesome. Alongside that.. random free shit with elaborate descriptions are even better. We found this specimen directly across the street from our beloved neighborhood Value Village.... which happens to be having a 50% off day today that I am about to scramble to after I finish yapping here. Bless ye local thrift stores!

...and lastly... but certainly not leasty... well, there's just no good way to put this lightly. Seth, Aaron and I did a sploshing scene. Yes, sploshing.. as in dirty and disgusting and awesome. I will put a few pictures here on the blog, but the rest are going to reside on my XTube account (for those of you interested in peeking at that and other random naked Julie smut.. just type in "JulieTiger" under the photo groups on XTube) ... because well, I'm a slut like that. Thank you to my loving awesome bois!! We shall make this the coolest calendar ever! XoXo <3 Enjoy!!

Oh yes!! ... put... it... in.... there..... :p *Ppttthhhhhh!!*

Saturday, August 23, 2008

August lush...

Bless me Blogger, for I have sinned. Its been over a month since my last confession.
I'm a bit torn at the moment. Ive been having a hard time figuring life out lately. The issue I'm talking about involves a boy. The one I was referring to earlier in my posts. I think that I like him a lot, but that he doesn't like me back in exactly the same way. I wish I could say he doesn't know whats good for him.. but only he knows that of course.
I know I need to be okay with this because he loves someone else. He never stopped loving her. They are sweet together aside losing the title they shared. I feel like I don't really have the right to feel this way... and well, hey.. I feel like a drama queen for wallowing in the thought so much anyways. *sigh*
I used to always say.. and still say to others.. that labeling isn't important... that "it is what it is," right? I'm sure this is true, and I will continue to give people this advice... but... Hmm.. sometimes I guess a girl just wants some.. err.. assurance? Well, at this point I don't think I'll be getting much more. I need to get back into my old groove to stop all these whirling fantasies. Im wondering if i just need to move on.
I was looking online for new friends for the longest time.. pretty much since I was 18 Ive been on the dating scene.. getting casual dates.. keeping up with email exchanges to new, interesting and mysterious people. Never looking for anything very serious.. but always sort of looking with that as an underlying goal perhaps?
That all has pretty much ceased since March when this all happened. Ive not had any new dates since then.
I met a cool couple in March... big deal right? I meet couples all the time.. I guess these people just hit home a bit more for me than others usually do. These people seemed real.. I could relate to them.. I enjoyed their company, got too close too soon, and heck... shit hit the fan. I don't even know what to say about the whole thing. I feel like I'm standing here starring blindly like a deer caught in headlights. No one did anything wrong really. We developed feelings... its only natural? Its been a little weirder lately though. I feel like a coward for not chatting with her much anymore, and instead always hanging out with him. Maybe she wants it this way? I don't know if I'm doing the right thing by being so open with him about my feelings. Shit. He said it first... I'm being a girl!! He was at one point open with me until I asked him to stop it. I talked with him one day and asked him to stop saying sweet things to me.... because.. well, I felt like it was sort-of giving me false hope, you know? I mean.. unless I just don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, I'm pretty sure I love the guy. As crazy as that sounds... coming from a girl that doesn't get into serious relationships very often... and who doesn't throw the "L" word around anyone usually aside her best friends and her sweet sweet sister. It hurt when he said it near the end. I know he loves her with all his heart... but, he said he liked me too.. hmm.. but shes not interested in me... but I know he deep down wants to have a relationship with her much more than me (at least it seems):) .. hmm, I guess its much easier handling a friendship. We have still continued to be intimate together, and we talk/text once or twice a day.
We talked recently about the way I feel. Last Monday we chatted outside the bar we ate at... about how I like him, and that i guess it hurts somewhat.. knowing he loves her and wants to be with her. I am fucking awful for saying that... I know. I should be happy for him, and I am.... they are great together.. but, well... jealousy rears its ugly head.. it does hurt not seeing him every day, and it hurts not getting cuddled as much as I was.
*sigh* I need to get over him some. I need some strong fun person to just whisk me off my feet here now, and start up my dating like I was before. Let their relationship be... let it heal. I need to be okay with just being friends!! :) I'm supposed to be good at this dammit!! I know I can be.. I'm just giving it time. I need to go on some dates... and I know it will get easier.
<3 Its true what they say... about opening your heart... you risk a lot when you do!! I am seeing now how 'waiting until the time is right' will save you a lot of grief down the road.
So yeah!!! Sorry about the drama all! ... I promise I am still my same kinky dirty self... hell, I just explored the artsy kink of sploshing yesterday!! Holy jesus that was insane. My bois made the experience happen. I shall post a picture or 3 when I get them!! <3
As far as positive news stories go, my Aerogarden is now fairly mature and yielding some yummy sweet smelling vegetation! My apartment always smells like basil. I'm cooking with my herbs weekly now!! Weee 4 health! *hugs her herbies*
Love you all.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Im not going to write much this evening... I have a few random things on my mind... completely sexual of course. I went on a small outing with the friendly goth boy this evening... we watched the sunset... he teased me with sexual talk on the way home...

...he pats his hand on his lap while smiling up at me. "Come here sweetheart, Daddy wants to hold you close." She smiles and walks over to him, gently lowering her bottom down onto his thighs. Her skirt scrunches a few inches higher up her bottom as she sits, revealing a small amount of white cotton panty exposed against his leg. "How was your day baby girl?" he asked. "Oh, a long hard day.. lots of homework to do daddy... I think my muscles are sore" He shifted her weight on him as he sat back into the chair. "Let me help make you feel all better after a hard day, okay sweetheart?" She smiled at him and tucked her head onto his neck nuzzling him. "That sounds nice daddy." He reached around to the front of her breast and slowly took her sweater off so he could get a better angle on her shoulders. She shifted her weight on him again to let him gain more access. Her skirt was almost completely hiked up now, and her cotton panties were resting against his crotch. He started rolling his thumbs and fingers along her "M mm, that's it.. right there feels pretty good." She began to grind her ass into him a small amount at the feel of his strong hands running down her back and shoulders. She let out a few quiet moans. After about 20 minutes of this she appeared to be somewhat flustered... she noticed a small wet spot on her panties, as well as on his growing pants...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Playlist <3

My play list. :) Copy and paste the link in a new tab. It opens up to a small pop-up that you can minimize and keep in the background while working online. I will update it periodically. Enjoy. <3

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summers here, things are warming up... ;)

Oh Lordy, where to begin... In this last month of heartbreaks, dirty fantasy, and well... lots o'gyming... Id have to say the biggest news was the relationship bit. Last I wrote here I was "dating" someone. Well, that has officially ceased. He wants her back and doesn't want any hangups on this end. Can I blame him? Hell no... shes cute and awesome and well... hell, Id date her fact I was... I think. Hmm. Why do I suddenly feel like I'm 12 again? Anyways.. Drama.. lord! Anywho.. the gothy boy and I are still fucking. Thank god we are still fucking. We fuck about twice a week. Good fucks. Fucking good fucks. ;) hehe.. This is utterly some of the best sex I've ever had. The man seriously knows how to fuck. Why do I suddenly emphasize the fucking? Because Its damn good amazing fucking, thats why! Maybe its because he refers to me as his little girl... maybe Its because he always asks for me to fight back... maybe its because he seems to always want to hold every lose extremity of mine so fucking tightly to the bed that I really know I could never make an escape even if I wanted to ;) ... (Okay, of course I wouldn't probably want to, but just saying!!) *Sigh.. So yes. Back to the single Julie. I knew It was too good to be true... they usually are. I just hope we can stay friends. Now, don't get me wrong.. the guy has other good qualities... hes kinda like a chick in ways, so we often times get bored out of our skulls, but we both love spontaneous shindigs... food, walking the neighborhood at night.. trips to the beach.. bars w/ friends on occasion... Hell, he even likes sushi. (Although I have to admit.. he had me at thrift store shopping) So yeah, such is life. I guess I cant complain.. I was never looking for anything exclusive in the first place, and well, we are youngins. All a learning experience I suppose. Hope we can keep this up though!! :D
On to bigger and better things!! I have recently found and started adoring the site .. Its freeking awesome. Its like CollarMe only you can browse specific fetishes to find folks.. it archives all your past conversations too. Awesome. Finally.. a kinky social networking site.. and it even lists beastie. I know, I know.. I'm going to hell. But you know what fuckers... Fido needs lovins too. God bless this site and pray for me everyone that the fact 'I'm only one of 2 women in Washington state that lists "beastie" as a fetish' helps single me out enough to meet some groovy folks eh? Maybe, no?

In other news.. cellulite is evil and must be eliminated from my thighs!! ... and dammit that will be done! Aaron and I have been religious about going to the gym as of late... be proud of our thighs!! He actually looks like he has little Tumors on the upper portions of his arms, but I know its just man-muscle. Aww... dedication. <3
He actually has me set up on a new diet/exercise program we decided on while munching nummy Thai at Rom Mai one day. The rules are.. I'm only allowed to cum or have sex If Ive worked out in the last 24 hour period. This will surely make me look very similar to Carmen Electra in 4-6 months time. The good lord keepith my pussy and the good lord better fucking not take its right to cum awayith.. or the Lord I shall beatith!! <3 No really though... This is motivation. I actually recently asked the friendly fuck buddy to withhold sex from me If I don't start cleaning my appt on a regular basis... he didn't get back to me on this one.. so Im sure his opinion is much like my own. Some things just need to be done on a routine basis. But yeah, its working so far on the gym front.. as far as other things go I think I need punishment..hehe!! :)

In some last minute news I totally have a new fantasy. I want to be used by Thing. You know... the independently moving and thinking hand from the Adams Family movies? Oh yes, that one. I want it to creep up my bedside at night and sneak into my JP pants. I want it to seduce me by tickling my thighs and tummy and cunt. Then I want it to start fucking my pussy with its fingers. I want it to try fisting me. I want it to never turn away so I keep cumming all over it. MmmHmm :) In this I believe. <3
Oh goodness me. I have so much more to write tonight, but I think I'll stop it there. Its late, and Ive had a beer to relax with this evening :) I Love you all <3 Join Fetlife! ... It'll do a kinky good. <3 MUAH!*

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I'm a little too tired to post much this evening...but thought this old picture from back in the day quite joyous. We <3 you slutty sandy. *moocheses*

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cuddle Whore <3

Summer... its definitely feeling here-ish! I was at the special Olympics again with my guys today in 90 degree weather! I must say they rock. I would have been so done with that 200M run at 10am. Fuck direct sunlight. I was not built for heat!! I love the accompanying nights on warmer days. It doesn't leave marks nearly as much. Its 2am here and still an astonishing 68 degrees out. Lovely. I think summer is a little like a BDSM need to plan out in advance if you want marks and/or reddening to occur.. take proper precautions, and after the fact nurse yourself back from the potential pain inflicted. :) Eh, my little ghetto car has AC and my awesome brick building Apt stays a glorious 63-68 degrees in pretty much any weather. I'll survive. In other news... along with a relaxing summer feel comes more kinky feelings. I want to rape-play more than ever! Dark warm parks at night... a partner into rape-play.. I guess I'll update on this later ;) A little update in the lovins dept... I am still trying out the dating bit. I'm still working out the kinks :) (ahem, literally!) ..but seriously... I'm finding out that "dating" someone can really occupy some time and energy. I'm not sure if its mentally trying or what, but basically I've stopped doing a lot of my otherwise regular routines since taking up this new-found opportunity. My gym routine is foundering, my apt is looking a little more "hurricane Katrina-ish" than ever, and my tickle munch thingie has totally been put on hold! Yikers.... yeah, multitasking was never quite my forte'. I will try my best to re-establish some form of order now that things are seeming a little more stable I guess :) This is all kinda new to me... also, I think It will be good to have a stable person to cuddle with. Not that I don't adore occasional cuddles from my friends ...but god, I guess its just not happening enough ...I'm always ending up craving more!! I'm a true cuddle whore. I crave those long warm sensual cuddles where you don't feel rushed or under time restraint... the only worry in your mind is weather your elbow is going to fall asleep anytime in the next 20 mins or so. Aww, yes. *glows* I guess the one other thing I wanted to note in this blog is that I'm sorry to anyone I haven't kept in the best contact with in the last few months. I love you all and don't mean to seem such a hermit sometimes. I guess the fact I've become custom to doing so much overtime at work makes things a little harder yet, but yeah... You all know how horrible I am at calling... please try not to hold it against me :) hehe... (this goes esp. for my buddies on bondage and myspace! I love you all to death and hope you know I appreciate you) XoXo to you all, and enjoy the warm! <3

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I had albino poo today. I'm not sure if I should feel concerned or sacred.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My insane last month on earth...

So, have you ever had one of those long insane months go by that seemed like a whole calendar year? Where you meet amazing people and experience more than you've ventured to do in practically the last year or so emotionally? God, where have I fucking been. So it went down like this... couple messages girl on, girl messages back, we invite each other on myspace, girl talks briefly with them here, a chance encounter occurs at the local asian marketplace, girl bumps into boy of couple and they discuss talking further than they had casually online, girl meets couple at goth bar, girl makes an ass out of herself initially asking couple if they are kinky/and or into the idea of threesomes, couple raises an eyebrow, couple invites her out again ..this time a little more intimately, soon girl gets the vibe this couple is out to find a 3rd, girl flirts like shes never flirted before, couple responds to this and takes her in ...caressing her and letting her touch the soft pink haired vixen boobies and the oober goth boy balls, one thing leads to another and we all find ourselves panting and/or petting after most every date, couple gives girl flowers, girl thinks to herself, "holy shit this is actually happening," couple cuddles with girl, they all have a romantic sunset watching on the beach together, girl feels all is right with the world, a few days later boy of couple shows up at girls window, he's frantic about his pink vixen wanting to break things off somehow, girl is very confused, boy of couple has confessed his love for them both already, girl is suddenly pulled back into reality, boy of couple mentions the idea of continuing the other 2 legs of the triad together, girl feels awkward, girl agrees to try this 2-some thing while taking things very slowly, boy and girl continue frequent cuddlings and naughtiness inside sheets, boy and girl exchange the "L" word amongst passionate embraces, fuck...its only been a month.... Girl never saw this coming.
So is life I guess? I had never planned to do anything like this initially... yes, the poly bit is definitely my ideal, but wow....this was sudden. God, they were cute as shit. Honestly.. like the fucking cutest little kink couple into bondage and rape-play I can imagine encountering ever. I have to admit they had me totally fixated. She is witty as shit, into fetish photography, VERY familiar with kink, flirty. He is a total gentleman, into holding womans heads into the pillow during sex, nerdy, and very into the idea of sharing us both. Grrness. Eh, I guess fairy tales are just fairly tales sometimes. I guess shes moving out now. She said I had nothing to do with it all, but GOD how I'm defiantly feeling the opposite. I guess I didn't totally lose out however. This boy and I have basically agree to try dating just us. This would be Julies first "dating" in quite some time. I have no idea what I'm doing :) I guess for now it just feels right. He tells me he loves me, holds me closer than I think anyone ever has before, and calls/text me constantly. I told him I loved him also. It felt good to say. I guess my heads still spinning some after this all. I'm such a fucking cautious person usually... Ive forever been a relationship-ophobe ....avoiding serious dates and "together" people like the plague. Most of my kinky connections are very casual and low key for that reason. I guess its easier just not trying for the most part. Plus, hell... all the truly "poly" folk I know have little kiddies living with them, right? Yeah ...reality. *Sigh* Well, anyways :) God.. I feel special. I still feel like I'm walking on eggshells w/ him and her however. Things are just too shaky still to try to get too cozy just yet, but I do think I like this guy. Hell, he tells me he cares...that he wants a good friend and lover...that its much more than the naughty bits.. how can a Julie resist? I haven't felt this giddy since Spokane. I only hope that his vixen wants to stay close by. That he means what he says!?! :) Hes spent the last 2 nights here with me at my apartment ...we lust together and then we wake up all pretzeled together when the sun rises. Could this be part of something really awesome? I have my heart in this one. <3 *smiles*

Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Late Easter!!

I definitely celebrate it better 2 weeks after the fact. <3


Ahh, yes. Tickling. Its one of the most commonly kinky things a person/partners can do. Many variations on this a form of innocent bonding from parent to child, mostly sensual: as foreplay between lovers, as a playful gesture between friends to ease tension, torturous tickling as an act of S/M ..... and the list continues on. :) My personal loves stem from intimacy...being touched lightly and intensely with some of my first sexual partners. This is usually termed nerve strokes.... a term I learned from a licensed massage therapist AND ticklephile buddy of mine. :) ... I noticed how amazing it was that my body responded sexually from having my neck gently kissed.... from having fingers trace the length of my spine...from having someone slide their fingers through a small portion of my hair. This was heaven, and it quickly drove me to another place. I almost always immediately got into my submissive mindset when I was handled this way. Now that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting others into this, as well as have a real tickling experience or two, I’ve come to recognize the intensity of tickling and its effects on me personally. I see this almost as an extreme form of control in some ways. Tickling not only provokes a physical response in the body, it also provokes an almost fearful or panicked and anticipatory mindset in someone who really reacts to touch. This explains why, after someone has already started working on your sides and releases, the near site of the wiggling fingers above your belly provokes laughter! Wow, this is a crazy form of control, is it not? I’ve always thought it was one thing to make yourself endure pain, and quite another to endure something that provokes involuntary muscle contractions and intense screaming ;) (maybe this is just me??) hehe.... I have never see someone getting spanked or flogged that couldn't stop making noise and writhing around like tickling does. It really is a whole other form of control. Also, much like in intense pain scenes, good tickling most often digs deep into subspace. In tickling this often occurs when a 'lee happens upon silent laughter, a pleasure I will never forget. The sensation literally gets so intense that you can no longer laugh, or scream, or cry...the only thing you can do is breathe in and out...and you lose yourself.... In my silent laughter I felt myself almost rise above my own body and float. I could not have spoken if I wanted to. I could think "stop" in my head.... and I remember wanting to say it out loud in a consensual sort of way...but it was as if my body stopped working voluntarily for me, and all I could experience was emotion. Pretty fucking intense hu? Yeah, I thought so too....its no wonder I crave this shit. Those pain sluts have nothing on this!! In fact, most subbies I've met wont do tickling at all... it’s a hard limit for them. Although, I will have to admit, my pain-slut friends can endure much more than I can in an S/M scene... I love spanking and flogging, but can only take it to a slightly reddened bottom kinda level ;) Anyways, Ill try to write again soon. <3 Here is a very good description I’ve found about tickling elsewhere on

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My first post, much needed! <3

So, here I go, this is my first actual blog outside some random profiling site. Here it stays. Ill try to be good and update fairly regularly :) Whatever the hell that means... hehe. But seriously, I need a good reason to keep myself online a few times a week, and heck...its a learning process right? Its 2:02 in the morning and I work at 8am, so I should probably make this a short one. I wanted to comment so badly this week about my recently re-captured appreciation for kinky. I had the pleasure of having some wonderful naughty times when my friend Jen (an appreciated pain-slut) came here to visit a week and a half ago, and then, just last weekend I attended NorWescon....a local science fiction convention with an abundance of kink as well. Mmm :) Im hoping to have a few more fun experiences now that Im also venturing out and attending local tickle-phile gatherings. Our little munch group meets monthly and the sole couple that shows up really wants to play. Also, after attending a BDSM panel at NorWes I got a card from the woman that runs a Seattle womens BDSM discussion group once a month....Im thinking this could be a fun time :) I just need to get over my shyness enough to attend, or find a willing female to come with me. Anywho, off for now :) Sleepyland awaits. I go to rest pleased after trying a new stout on tap at the "Rock Bottom" and watching the broadway show "Cabaret" tonight with some old high school chums! Im blessed to have such awesome nerdy, faggy, fruity, and kinky friends. <3 XoXo