Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summers here, things are warming up... ;)

Oh Lordy, where to begin... In this last month of heartbreaks, dirty fantasy, and well... lots o'gyming... Id have to say the biggest news was the relationship bit. Last I wrote here I was "dating" someone. Well, that has officially ceased. He wants her back and doesn't want any hangups on this end. Can I blame him? Hell no... shes cute and awesome and well... hell, Id date her fact I was... I think. Hmm. Why do I suddenly feel like I'm 12 again? Anyways.. Drama.. lord! Anywho.. the gothy boy and I are still fucking. Thank god we are still fucking. We fuck about twice a week. Good fucks. Fucking good fucks. ;) hehe.. This is utterly some of the best sex I've ever had. The man seriously knows how to fuck. Why do I suddenly emphasize the fucking? Because Its damn good amazing fucking, thats why! Maybe its because he refers to me as his little girl... maybe Its because he always asks for me to fight back... maybe its because he seems to always want to hold every lose extremity of mine so fucking tightly to the bed that I really know I could never make an escape even if I wanted to ;) ... (Okay, of course I wouldn't probably want to, but just saying!!) *Sigh.. So yes. Back to the single Julie. I knew It was too good to be true... they usually are. I just hope we can stay friends. Now, don't get me wrong.. the guy has other good qualities... hes kinda like a chick in ways, so we often times get bored out of our skulls, but we both love spontaneous shindigs... food, walking the neighborhood at night.. trips to the beach.. bars w/ friends on occasion... Hell, he even likes sushi. (Although I have to admit.. he had me at thrift store shopping) So yeah, such is life. I guess I cant complain.. I was never looking for anything exclusive in the first place, and well, we are youngins. All a learning experience I suppose. Hope we can keep this up though!! :D
On to bigger and better things!! I have recently found and started adoring the site .. Its freeking awesome. Its like CollarMe only you can browse specific fetishes to find folks.. it archives all your past conversations too. Awesome. Finally.. a kinky social networking site.. and it even lists beastie. I know, I know.. I'm going to hell. But you know what fuckers... Fido needs lovins too. God bless this site and pray for me everyone that the fact 'I'm only one of 2 women in Washington state that lists "beastie" as a fetish' helps single me out enough to meet some groovy folks eh? Maybe, no?

In other news.. cellulite is evil and must be eliminated from my thighs!! ... and dammit that will be done! Aaron and I have been religious about going to the gym as of late... be proud of our thighs!! He actually looks like he has little Tumors on the upper portions of his arms, but I know its just man-muscle. Aww... dedication. <3
He actually has me set up on a new diet/exercise program we decided on while munching nummy Thai at Rom Mai one day. The rules are.. I'm only allowed to cum or have sex If Ive worked out in the last 24 hour period. This will surely make me look very similar to Carmen Electra in 4-6 months time. The good lord keepith my pussy and the good lord better fucking not take its right to cum awayith.. or the Lord I shall beatith!! <3 No really though... This is motivation. I actually recently asked the friendly fuck buddy to withhold sex from me If I don't start cleaning my appt on a regular basis... he didn't get back to me on this one.. so Im sure his opinion is much like my own. Some things just need to be done on a routine basis. But yeah, its working so far on the gym front.. as far as other things go I think I need punishment..hehe!! :)

In some last minute news I totally have a new fantasy. I want to be used by Thing. You know... the independently moving and thinking hand from the Adams Family movies? Oh yes, that one. I want it to creep up my bedside at night and sneak into my JP pants. I want it to seduce me by tickling my thighs and tummy and cunt. Then I want it to start fucking my pussy with its fingers. I want it to try fisting me. I want it to never turn away so I keep cumming all over it. MmmHmm :) In this I believe. <3
Oh goodness me. I have so much more to write tonight, but I think I'll stop it there. Its late, and Ive had a beer to relax with this evening :) I Love you all <3 Join Fetlife! ... It'll do a kinky good. <3 MUAH!*

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Anonymous said...

Well...At least someones getting some action albeit via fantasy! I laughed so hard reading this babe! Made my day...


p.s. the word verification blogger made me type so I could post this was...kuntfc... lol, how fitting...