Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun times... noodle salad.

(it's a quote from Jack Nicholson in one of my favorite movies "As Good as It Gets")


Oh gosh, what a great weekend Ive had so far! I was invited out to the Mercury, (our local gothy hangout) by the couple Ive been seeing lately. We went later on in the evening and had fun with drinks and dancing, and I FINALLY, FINALLY got a membership there! Ive been guested in multiple times and never actually joined until now, so yay!

Anyhow, the real news comes from this couple. *smiles* I am really happy that she decided to invite me to come with them both to a reading on open/poly relationships.. she had mentioned it a few weeks back, and I was really happy that she wanted me to come along with them for this specifically! :) Its awesome having this shit TALKED about... out in the open.. especially in a public place.. with people that feel the same way I do. Even though we (meaning them and I) don't really have any official "status" per-say.. I'd definitely say we fit the criteria of an open relationship, so its nice being able to attend together :)

We had fun... after the club we all went back to their place and played together. I LOVE seeing them together so much... it sets such an erotic tone.. being there experiencing it all with them both .. so yummy... and honestly, they are both so fucking attractive I always feel like the luckiest girl when they invite me to play. <3

I got to sleep in bed with her again and we had this great girlie talk together. We chatted about all sorts of things for about an hour before we fell asleep. I feel like we connected well last night.. and I felt a little less intimidated than I usually do around her, which was good. Few! I was a super happy chick getting to have that girl time and giggles... honestly.. nothing beats girl cuddles... soft, smooth, warm and curvy... love it.

The next morning we went out to lunch at a bar downtown and then went to this great reading from Tristan Taormino (from her book "Opening Up.. a guide to creating and sustaining open relationships". Mmm.. I love that breath of fresh air sometimes! ...and... aww, poly folk. <3 There was this really nice warm nerdy intellectual and accepting feel in the room I haven't really felt since last March at Norwescon. Good stuff.

So yes! A very good weekend so far! I'm so so happy things have been better between the three of us lately, and also that she mentioned wanting to go on a date sometime soon.. with just the two of us girls :) yay!
I'm a happy Julie.

So gosh... something else to report on... I am still working nights! Ick. Its not an absolutely horrific schedule I guess, but dulling. On the plus side, I am also now officially working Monday-Friday! Wee. Its he first time since I started working with this company in 03' that they finally offered me this shift.. (believe me, you aren't always so lucky in health-care) .. so that will be a plus.

Also, Ive mentioned it to a few... I am planning to go over to Spokane for a few days for X-Mas. I still need to confirm how and when (I'm assuming I'll take a bus over like years past) .. but I would definitely like to see some old chums for the holidays. :)

Only other thing to report on is the dental news... lol. Yeah, I was bad and neglected going to the Dentist since moving over here to Seattle.. so need a little work done. Finally settled on a cuddly warm woman-only practice on Broadway. So yeah.. Tuesday morning will be the start of a nearly 700 dollar (after insurance mind you) fixer-upper session on the ol' mouth. *sigh* .. better late then never!

Let the holidays, and accompanying overtime begin! (you'd better believe I'm planning to hit a few places on black friday!) <3


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J said...

I am so glad you have them both babe! Much love, kisses, huggs and spanks!