Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chemicals!?! Safety is relative!!

There are many "all-natural" things you can drink safely without general harm but that you certainly would NOT want to... testicle milkshakes, vinegar, diarrhea, salt water, puss, epicac, etc... these things might all make you violently sick, but generally they're not at all deadly.. just really, REALLY gross. Ick.
Modern glyphosate mixtures in stores have embedded emetic agents and strong odors added to them to make them smell very unpleasant, but generally this stuff is very safe.
Caffeine is 25 times as toxic as glyphosate per liquid unit, and vinegar is 10 times as toxic; vinegar is also much more carcinogenic to humans than glyphosate.
This is fact. This has nothing to do with lies or opinions... this is simply truth; ask any chemist. Monsanto picked glyphosate specifically because it's so low-risk to humans.
If you'd like to see the breakdown of a great lil' scientific comparison of glyphosate vs vinegar, please read this fun and simple at-home project ----->
Vinegar vs Glyphosate
And remember... this is all general mainstream information available in libraries, online, in books, etc.. a basic understanding of general chemical composition (which most lack) certainly helps, but anyone with an internet connection can read toxicity reports on this stuff ;) Cheers!!

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