Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cheap Thrills n' Nerdy Galore...

These last few months have been a relaxed bunch. Ive enjoyed these lazily... hence the lack of posts!! (all the more reason to punish me, right?) :p Ive had the opportunity to attend a lot of community activities alongside the absolutely stunning coming of spring... as well as Norwescon, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, and a few other socially conscious gatherings!

My love life is going very well :).. with Cheri and Chris still both very much at my side, and some fun adventures we've enjoyed together since the Holidays. They've been wonderful to me, and I feel like we continue to grow closer... on that note... They gave me a key!! So I can go bother them anytime I like now WooHOO!! :)

Now... to continue this bloggie with pictures I will continue in fragments... (as I always do, of course) ... we all know how spacey I can get :p

After my interesting holiday Season.. my girlie got me a wonderful set of inter-locking restraints to play in... :) an awesome connecting set that you can switch out wrist/neck/ect.. as well as an adjustable spreader bar... awesome! I have been awaiting my first spreader bar for a few years now :) She sure knows how to please me.... I mean, when she doesn't have her lovely head between my legs.. hehe.. Mmmm. :p ...and with that in mind... we all decided to join the CSPC! (Cheri had her work pay for hers... how cruel!!?? hehe..) Seattles unique "Center for Sex Positive Culture," ... oh yes. A unique facility of kink, workshops, and toys galore... I am definitely a fan. We have gone to watch and play together a few times so far. (even got tickled once!!!) :) I'm glad to finally feel connected to the local kink scene this way. Ive already met some fun folks! We still need to all go together with our toys in hand someday... so far we've been a tad on the shy side :p Its in the works.

With the warmer weather my folks I support and I have been venturing out more and more! We've been to some fun spots including countless trips to Pikes Place Market, a delicious and amazingly cheap trip to Veg Fest where we got to sample hundreds of meat-free alternative type de-lish goodies, and The Cherry Blossom Festival!

Ive continued my cooking... and going mostly vegetarian/vegan these days as convenience wills. Heres my tofu Laab, and a Sweet and Sour Tofu dish I did recently. :p Mmmm.

Thats it... you want to come over and eat at Julies apartment... yes you do! ;p Muahahah!

On the more nerdy of notes.. Nick.. (my nerdy accomplice) accompanied me to Norwescon again this year :) I think we both had a lot of fun sinking into the geekdom again and while getting our own room too! Woot! ... the room parties were much more decent this year, although not as memorable as Radcons. We got to see boobies though... wasn't all bad :p But yes.. with larger cons come cliques, and with cliques come invite-only parties :p Yadda Yadda...
But, on the brighter note, we got to see some yummy hotness at a fetish fashion show, listened to some uniquely odd speakers (weirdest animals, and nanotechnology were rad panels), and got to hear all about naughty in the BDSM/poly gatherings. Aww, familiar faces. :) All of the kinky/nerdy overlap still amazes me.

Goodness, what else??? Went to an eventful weekend at Seattle Green Festival also. This was my first time at an event like this being personally hyped-up on local sustainability. I am starting to take some of this greeny stuffs quite seriously :) At least I want to be! (I have, for the most part, eliminated the majority of my chain store/ big time conglomerate superstar spending dollars, and instead buy locally as much as I can.)

The Green Fest went into a lot of different facets of green... from local and livable, to waste control, to population control... (my personally favorite subject..hehe).. to the latest electric scooters. (OMG, I want one!) ...Most of all I loved being around folks who share my values! :)

Was a fun weekend. Sampled some local fare, shopped some fun local vendors, heard a great speaker from the American Free-Trade Coalition, heard about joining a local potluck to meet some similar minded in the area, gathered some gardening tips, found out there is a large sustainable/orgainic farm in the middle of the city of Seattle, and heard a little more about how the city is planning to urbanize/co-populate in the upcoming years with the upcoming light-rail soon in place, and the ever-increasing condo contractors looking to build up the city in the future. It'll be interesting seeing what Seattle has in store for us all in 10-15 years. :) I'm optimistic.

Eric and I have also been getting along better. Hes one of the beloved boys that moved here with me from Spokane. (or that I followed over, rather) We continue our Monday nights at Paddy Coynes every week... lately with the stunning Cherry Blossoms to gaze at around the Cascade district. I love how green its been here lately. It reminds me of how much I fucking love this city. Food, goth clubs, AND greenery. Win? Hells yes.

Anyways... Eric is someone special to me, and we've known each other for a damned long time... (2001, when I was sixteen??) Jesus fuck. Yeah.. its been a while. We were more like BF/GF back in old Spokane, but experienced harder times when I started openly expressing my poly side... and connected (and ever-increasing) kinky sides. (aren't these always connected?? :P)

When I first knew I needed multiple partners in my life I had a really shitty way of showing it. I called myself a swinger!!! Thought they were tantamount. (OUCH!) Yeah... negative pts for Julie. Took me a while to find what the fuck I needed... I was desperately seeking any sort of following while living back there in "no-kink-ville".. if I ever even did. Thank christ I moved to a larger more liberal area!! <3 See, back then I knew I had a poly ideal, but... like most vanillas, I didn't know there was a legitimate way to be poly with someone/s without stabbing others in the heart in the process. (Eric being a prime example) I guess Ive since wised up, and began acknowledging and expressing my feelings to partners in a more practical sense before anything serious arises. (i.e... poly doesn't involve being secret about some partners to other partners) Like duh right? Well, I was fucking 20 years old, okay? .. fuck you. :P We live, we learn the hard way, we move to Seattle. Since, Eric and I have been able to patch most rough spots up between us, but I think we both continue to struggle to understand each others position on life and love and such. (monogamy vs polyamory debates take up a fair share of our conversations over dark irish beer) :) Hey, at least there's a good way to argue!!

I guess he was the first official heart I ever broke.... but.. we are still pretty damn good friendlies.. so all is not at end :) I was never THAT fucking black and white. <3

BONUS POINTS: My heart has been broken multiple god damned times, so score on the ol' "Julies self-esteem/karma-o-meter!!!" BAM!BAMM! *sigh*

More soon... I hope... lol. I love you all.


J said...


I missed your words. You need to write more often. Thanks for the update babe! You made me laugh, much needed btw! Love you and miss you and think of you everyday!

Spank on and hugs,

cheri allen said...

That last picture of you is so pretty! I mean, the one of my name on your twat is cute, too, but not quite as good as you with a bindi.