Friday, March 15, 2013

... On tampons and Co-Ops!

I was recently asked why my tampons are "better" ... My responses are often grey, as is life. There is no "better" in life... only favorable.
I was also asked if it's costly to order items through my co-op... a business model I don't think many people really grasp the basics of ... as the initial questions are generally something like "wow, that sounds expensive, " as if cooperatives were operating as niche markets selling rare far-away imports and treasures.
Co-Ops aim to completely do the opposite. They emphasize local, sustainable, and wholesome. Not fancy gourmet boxed Chinese crap... just simple, effective, low-cost and healthy food staples and other household basics.
Apple's and asparagus freshly picked and cut that morning from a farm an hour away should be cheaper, fresher, and more easily accessible than those driven up from Mexico days or weeks earlier, pre-washed with a beach solution, irradiated, and packaged in petro-plastic right?
I'm not sure why so many assume the opposite. Seems silly.
I love, appreciate, and buy into my local bounty!! So should you!!

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