Sunday, July 19, 2015

Overweight is healthier than average weight!!

Because everything has an associated risk profile. Being fat has risk. Being thin has risk. Being American has risk. Being ALIVE has risk. So too does skydiving or smoking or speeding in a car or not replacing the batteries in your smoke detector.. all have risk profiles and stats attached.

So lets look at stats.. its statistically better for you to be overweight than being underweight or of average weight for one thing.. fat people live longer than thin... again, statistics. See sources for this below.
All those impoverished and often starving folks in places like Haiti, the Philippines and Bangladesh... yeah, they would give anything to be fat... considering they often watch members of their family die of starvation.

Did you know that as of today the average life expectancy of the 27 poorest countries in the world ranges from 46 to 60 yrs old? Want to know what is is in the US and Canada? approx 80 years.... that's a 20-34 year difference... and guess what the average obesity rate in these 27 countries is? It hovers around 7%. Here are my sources  ----->

So someone please explain to me again why fat isn't healthier than "average" BMI ... because pretty much every scientific study and stat done on this topic says absolutely otherwise.

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