Monday, May 15, 2017

"There is no heirarchy of Oppression" - Audre Lorde

   Someone identifies racism or oppression when they experience it. There is nothing to 'prove,' and everything to gain on the subject of oppression and solidarity.
Most all of us feel oppression at some time or another, but the vast majority of racism and classism that goes on in the US will never effect me as a white-identified person, so I'm hardly an expert.
   From my study on the topic of oppression, I find that problems arise when we try to compare or create hierarchies of this oppression. We're right to explain or identify the racial divides we know and see around us, both historically and otherwise, but we must do so in solidarity. The second we stack oppression against oppression is the second we miss the point.
   A lack of collaborative spirit is what further invisibilizes the oppression and struggle of others. If we frame these issues of oppression as systemic and widespread, we can more easily work toward common goals together, and begin to put ego aside.
   We must stress that heirarchy and hate fail make solidarity difficult or impossible. Our goal of battling racism and oppression must be unified. If we can link trends of oppression together, (side by side) things like racism, hate, colonialism, and nationalism; we'd have a lot of vastly different looking people working together on a common issue; that of oppression! Through solidarity we rise up.
   So, please always try to listen to one-another, and look for ways to better understand each-other. All oppression  matters. We have so much more to learn from one-another on this long road to end oppressive forces. Let's never let our pride get in the way of peace, love and  understanding. <3

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