Friday, June 17, 2011

It's about time!!! .. Or perhaps, boobies?

It's most certainly the boobies. How could it be otherwise, really now?

Excitements! Planning to fly northwest to the San Juans tomorrow with my dear friend David in a rented plane from Boeing field. :) We'll plan to stay at his friends cabin on a tiny little island over the weekend, and take in the so-missed natures!

One fun trip up to the back-roads into Canada already this year... I'm excited to be out of town again so soon! And with a "friendly"-friend personally flying us out, this trip should be extra fun. Pics promised. This will be my first official flight out in a teeny-weeny winged-gravity monster. Yays!

I'm much up past my bedtime tonight, naughty me... but needed to report on the latest diet trends! (as they've been so incredibly insane the last year)...

I'm still very happily going the vegan route these days, save backyard chicken eggies. I have a wonderful lady very graciously supplying me, and I've personally met both of the lovely birdies... very happy chickedies who now grace my gluten-free breads with elasticity and rise! <3

I've recently (in the last 6 months) come to understand this gluten intolerance/allergy occurrence in very vivid personal detail.. I've developed more and more of an eye for this bizarre set of respiratory yuckies that so often creep up when I least expect them... (first so painfully recognized after porter/stout fulfillment's a few months back, and now more convincingly after most any pizza/burger/sandwich/or anything bread-like and late-night yummi'ed is consumed.. Hrrmp.)
The dreaded trip to the ol' doctors office for a blood test this Tuesday will hopefully reveal if I actually have the icky celiac disease diagnosis, or just a severe allergic response to everything in the world yummy. I'll update on that soon.

In the meantime... no tears, just veggie sushi!! My diet will be an ongoing battle, but I have faith that most all south-east Asian fare will get me by. :)

Capitol Hill and Seattle are amazingly proper in the "weird diet" management world, luckily... and living 50 feet from a Health food store has never felt quite so lovely. I have a wonderful farmers market a mere 6 blocks away every Sunday all summer long, and a plethora of close by dining-out options. I love my city oh so much!!!! It seems to equally love me back <3

To end... food porn! (of the animal-friendly variety of course.. at "In the Bowl" with David.. Mmmm's)

<3 you all so much! <3 <3 <3

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