Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mmm... Human Bacon!!

I choose to abstain from eating non-human animals because I practice veganism, and unless an animal in our care dies of natural causes, or accidentally, we're killing it.
I would, however, love to try human bacon someday... the only consensual bacon possible. First, you donate all the medical goods; eyes, major organs, all the usable crap.. then you butcher it up and make delicious human burgers, bacon, sausage, spam, you name it. Yummy, delicious, and free-range!!

I think the family should always get the opportunity for first dibs before it's eaten elsewhere, but you get the idea... it's consensual ethical flesh with a history. We know exactly where it came from. We know how fresh it is. We know it's medical record. Basically, it's the best meat anywhere. 
How awesome!!

I'd also love to prepare human cheese to go with that bacon. I've had a fascination with induced lactation... not only does lactation reduce lifetime breast cancer risks; it's hyper-local and on demand!! So, so want to pump.

Why we waste the perfectly good skin, muscle, and fat of those who die around us everyday (who aren't diseased or overly cancerous or contaminated of course) is simply beyond me. That's a lot of tasty protein simply going to waste, and it's pretty un-green to waste bacon; especially considering how much money and food went into making it. 

Plus, if we really loved our family and friends, wouldn't we want a part of them in US forever? A funeral shouldn't only have cake; it should have bbq'd loved one on the menu too. Spare no culinary expenses!! If they're lacking in fatty juicy yum, then jerky that shit up!

Choosing to ethically abstain from raping, torturing, and killing sentient non-human animals (as most people joyfully choose not to do) doesn't really fly with me (anyone intelligent and empathic enough to know raping, hurting, and killing things isn't okay generally does indeed stop, unless they're dilusional sociopaths or sheep) ...but that doesn't necessarily make me not like flesh.... flesh, from anything is yummy. Flesh. Mmm.

We're hard-wired to enjoy the taste of ourselves, which is why we eat the lubrication excreted from each-others genitals, breasts, and mouths all the time. 
This is the dame reason we enjoy the fatty tissues, organs, brain tissues and muscle fibers of ourselves too. 

We're obviously into eating some consensual human. Our bodies are instinctually going to taste good to one-another. Pigs, of course, are about as physically similar to humans anatomically as any other mammals (aside other great apes) get, and so they taste about identical to humans in almost all ways. Therein lies our bacon obsession. We simply love to taste ourselves... it's pretty addicting, isn't it? Everyone who's anyone loves fatty bacon.

I think the act of making others suffer is pretty disgusting, but flesh... consensual flesh; I'd happily eat some juicy fat human for breakfast any day. I hope we start to realize what a great protein source we're wasting!!

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